Dear Parents and students,

 Now that one of our major events of the academic year, our Annual Sports is over, it’s time that we make the announcement for our play, if you haven’t heard of it already.

‘I HAVE A DREAM’ - A Musical Adaptation based on songs by ABBA

I am very pleased to announce that after a hiatus of 4 years, we are staging a musical involving the whole school, ‘I Have A Dream’. The cast and crew are working towards presenting a spectacular show, and hopefully it will be remembered for years to come… The main cast has started their rehearsals after an audition held last year.


 We have also already booked and paid the advance deposit to confirm the venue.

 The details are as below;

 Venue:                  @ Shantanand Auditorium

                             Temple of Fine Arts

                             Brickfields, KL

 Date & Time:         16th July (Tues) Stage Rehearsal during school hours

                             17th July (Wed) Show in the evening around 6pm

We look forward to each and every child’s participation in the musical and your support and encouragement in this matter will be much appreciated. The students at all levels will be involved in different aspects of the play; be it singing, acting, dancing, making of props, backdrops etc. Group activities like these will contribute to their growth and development beyond the scope of the classroom. A certificate of participation will be awarded to the students.

The costume committee is finalising the design of the costumes and is trying to source out suitable suppliers. Once we have more details on this matter, we will update you on the costs. Meanwhile to prepare and rehearse with our students, we are continuing on with the zero-period arrangement that was done for sports.

Please note that here will be no rehearsals during the examination period.

We will be announcing the sale of the ticket sometime in June, but till then do book the date to ensure that you are free to watch the performance.


Barnali Guha